The Mirror of Society

Ellen J. Barrier

Violent Behaviors Concern Doctors
               (Doctors seeking a cure)

We are living in a society filled with anger and hate. These two things have created an unsafe era in which we live. If we could look into the mirror of society for a few minutes, the things we would see, would be too troublesome, and we would probably, walk away. The media gives us a small fraction of the things that are actually happening.

Imagine, if you could see everything that are happening, including the secret places that the media don’t know about, where disgusting and inhumane things that are too horrific to watch occurs. The question would be, “How can such evil things happen?

Here are some examples:

*A 70-year-old partially blind woman was butchered in her own home. She was throttled with her dog’s leach, stabbed and slashed 86 times, then stomped and scalped. Her attackers were two 17-year-old females.

*Father was brutally killed and the mother was seriously injured by their 20-year-old son. The father’s injuries: one eye torn out from its socket, liver ripped, ribs broken, head, chest and stomach badly beaten, and a bitten right index finger. The mother was hospitalized and treated for her injuries.

* A 33-year-old mentally retarded man was brutally murdered by two teenage males who entered his home. They pinned the man on the floor of his bedroom and beat him with their fists on his head and stomach. After which, they chased him out of his home, down a narrow dirt path into a steep ditch. There, they beat him with a wooden slat and other objects. During the attack, one of the man’s eye balls were knocked out. One of the teenagers joked after the killing and said, he could put his finger in the missing eyeball.

*A 33-year- old woman was brutally beaten and killed while a crowd of people looked on and cheered: She was involved in a minor car accident. Three men in a car rammed the woman’s car forcing her to stop.
* Three 8-year-old boys were kidnapped from their neighborhood and murdered.    
   The 3 children were ridding their bikes at the time of the kidnapping.

* A group of teenagers out looking for a fight, spotted a 16-year-old and his friend, and started chasing them with bats. During the chase, the 16-year-old  fell. He was grabbed by his chasers and beaten with bats. Some of his chasers held him up, while others took clear swings at his head, fracturing his skull in several places. He died from those injuries.
Witnesses to this incident, called for help within a period of 40 minutes.

*A 12-year-old girl was sodomized with a tire tool, choked with a cord, beaten unconscious, and her legs were sliced with a knife. Then, her teenage female attackers soaked a blanket in gasoline, and threw it over her body and burned her alive.

                         The Mirror of Society
*3-year-old boy, carrying a loaded .38 caliber revolver *5-year-old girl murdered by three 6-year-old boys   *Toddler kills his baby brother   *16-year-old kidnapped and killed a 6-year-old, after robbing him for $1.40   *Young couple killed three police officers and a taxi driver   *supermarket mistakenly sold human flesh   *8-year-old boy punches police officer in stomach   *Teacher poisoned by students   *Girl sexually assaulted by group   *34-year-old man stabbed and beheaded his 14-year-old son   *Mother murders her 8 children   *18-year-old woman tossed her newborn out of a car window  *Father kills family and himself   *Father raped and beat his 16-month-old daughter   *Grandfather sexually assaulted his grandson   *28-day-old  twins were sexually abused by their parents and others   *Unconscious patient raped by nurse   *Woman arrested for performing sex with dogs   *Couple kidnapped woman and held her for their sex slave *Gays stalked by serial killer   *Vampire teens charged with murder   *Cattle mutilations    *teenagers robbed church and shot a child   *Police uncover Kid’s plot to frame teacher of sexual misconduct   *Teenage Suicides   *Murderer pronounced his soul to the devil   *Body stolen from grave   *Man cut his eye out   *Violent man ordered  by judge to marry the woman he battered   *Violence in dating   *Abuse among teens   *Father placed his 22-month-old baby in a microwave oven and turned on the power   *Woman boyfriend killed her 4-year-old daughter for cursing   *Father shot his teenage son in the face after an argument   *Sex scandals in the military.

                         The Need For Help
 * Lying  * mistrust * selfishness * enviousness * discrimination *bigotry *bias
*gossip * robbery * stealing * cussing * arrogant * murder *battery *assault *jealousy
*dishonesty * prejudging * hate * abuse* impatient *unkind *angry *hateful *fighting
*arguing *disrespect * snobbish *road rage *difficult to get along with others *grumpy
*unfaithful in marriage   &  relationships * false witness * back biting * trouble maker  
*Spousal abuse   * spreading rumors * talking too much *meddling in others business
*Sexual misconduct   * rape * sexual assault * beatings * verbal abuse *hitting *greedy
*sex with animals *disrespect for the laws of the land *unclean language *complain a lot
*Disobedient to parents * alcohol & *drug abuse *poor parenting
 * Disrespect for others* including elderly, parents, & teachers *bullying
 * wicked imaginations * mischief * violent behavior                              

 Doctors Seek Cure For the Epidemic of Youth Violence

In July of 1993, an Atlanta doctor began leading a new public health battle by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention-a radical effort to control youth violence. The top expert for the CDC, said "Kids are  killing kids and we think it's a fact of life in this country." He further stated, "But, people thought smallpox was a fact of life then, but it's been eradicated from the face of the earth.The doctor further stated, "There are things people can do to stop violence. We are going to discover them on the basic of science and not politics." According to source, the CDC spent $6 million to learn what puts children at risk and how to lessen the chance they'll pick up a weapon at the first sign of conflict.

Volume 2
The Mirror of Society

The reader will face a group of people who are so horrifying, it will cause anger at those who are contributing to the things in society, which are giving birth to demonic possessed individuals - who are victimizing others. Listed are some violent crimes committed by very young people. Some of  these acts were so horrible, it was very difficult to write about them. The actual places where these events took place, that are written above and others that weren't listed, are noted in this book:

Book Title: The Price We Must Pay For Our Father's Sins (Volume 2)
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