The Battle Is The Lord's

You will probably agree, we have very serious problems in our countries. Everyone I have spoken with is tired of war, and loss of lives, and money.

We have been encouraged by generations before us, to pray in times of troubles.
There is no doubt we are living in troubling times. Too many people’ blood has been shed on battlefields and in other places. Sicknesses and Diseases are increasing, despite all the money put in scientific research to find cures. Violence in homes and elsewhere is out of control.

Those in leadership positions are abusing their power. Many of them have no compassion for the people they were elected to serve. Selfishness and greed is a problem in our governments and in other places of financial interests. These are international problems.

Let’s stay connected. Bind with the chain of prayer.
We are not defined by belief or by faith nor religion.
We are family.
God bless you.

__Ellen J. Barrier/
Author/Medical Professional/Spirituality Counselor