The Power of Prayer

Ellen J. Barrier/
Author/Spirituality Counselor
Prayer is a petition, we make to God in times of needed help. People of all ages pray to God. I am reminded of a group of dedicated children who met at a flagpole on the campus of their school on a rainy day, September 16, 2004 in Wichita, Kansas.

These students took part in a prayer event called “See You at The Pole.”  They gathered at 7:00 a.m., to sing Christian songs and pray for their teachers and local and national leaders, and for grace to deal with the pressure of student life.

They stood in the rain showing their commitment to prayer, under the flagpole.  The 13-year-old student who led this event said, “Prayer is an awesome thing.”

Children understand the need for prayer. Their trust and faith in God, is powerful, because these are the things that moves his power to answer prayer.

One day two little children found a beautiful bottle.  And they wanted to open it to see what was inside. However, the top was sealed too tight for them to open the bottle, which was said to be very old. So, they took it to all of the adults in the house, and no one could open the bottle. These children really wanted to see what was in this beautiful bottle. So, one of them said, “Let’s ask, God to open it.”  And they did. The child who was holding the bottle, placed a hand on the top and gave it a twist, and it opened.

To receive anything from God, we must have the focus, commitment and determination these children have; Being willing to pray, even, when it takes you out of your comfort zone; Praying for others, and, most of all, knowing when to ask God, for help.  

Daniel, who we read about in the bible, was placed in a lion’s den, prayed persistent to God daily.  God delivered him. The lions didn't harm him, because he had God’s protection.
He didn't wait until trouble came to pray, as so many people oftentimes do. He prayed before trouble came.

Heavenly Father,
I need your protection and your blessings upon me and my family members; therefore, I am asking you to protect us from danger, and from sickness. I am asking for your blessings in all of our efforts and work that we do, that we may be successful and prosperous with plenty, and that we will bless others abundantly with the things they need. Amen
____ Ellen J. Barrier

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