A Broken Justice System

If justice fails in the courtroom, it will not prevail in society. The laws of justice are as strong as the characters of men and women who create them. And of those who enforce them.
A broken Justice System does not protect the rights of all people.
Instead, it causes separation between people:
There are those who will defend the Justice System, and
those who will speak out against it.

When people feel their rights have been taken away, and others disagree with them;
this causes arguments, which leads to misunderstandings and creates anger.
Such an atmosphere is not good for society. Because of the weakness of the law; these problems it created, give opportunity to those who refuse to solve their differences peacefully. The results are violent acts, which causes harm to others, and loss of property. This action creates heavy burdens upon the shoulders of innocent people, in our society.

We encourage peace. And denounce violence.
Let’s work together for a stronger Justice System: Liberty and Justice for all People.

__Ellen J. Barrier
My specialties: Author, Marketing Skills, Medical Professional, Musician, Product Consultant, Performing Artist, Recording Artist, Songwriter, Spiritual Counselor, Creative Writing, Poet, Public Speaking & Fashion Designing.