Spiritual Warfare Defeat! Destroy!

Your enemy’s position against you is to hinder and stop you from succeeding.

His purpose is to destroy your plans or perhaps, you at any cost.
Your position and purpose is with God. Your prayers are to release God’s power against your enemy’s position and purpose.

"He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him." Psalm 91:15

This is what you want God to do for you:

Defeat the purpose of your enemy and destroy his position. 
(Use this weapon)

This is the most powerful weapon to use against your enemy: 
Defeat! Destroy!
When God give the command to his angels (warriors), they are going against your enemy to defeat! and destroy!

We must know that Positive prayer moves God's power!
Never use the word “If” in your prayer. 
Example: “If it be your will”
The word “If” is negative. It expresses doubt! 
Please don’t ask God to forgive your enemies.
He won’t forgive them because you ask. They have to ask forgiveness themselves.

What would be the purpose of your praying for a victory against your enemy, if you want God to dismiss their behavior against you? Who do you want him to help?
Your enemy would still attack you if God dismissed their behavior against you.

Don’t tell God your enemy doesn’t understand what he or she is doing, when they are attacking you. If you believe this, why, are you praying?
__ Ellen J. Barrier

Spirituality Counselor  

The Call to Battle!

We Don’t Stand Down!

Regardless of how those who are in governmental positions, or those who are in other powerful positions who use their authority to intimidate, to control or hinder our progress and even attempt to defeat us, we are not afraid! We don’t "down" for no one! We accept God as our defense. And through the POWER of PRAYER we won’t be defeated!

We don’t accept a down position against us. Therefore, we won’t bow down, nor will we stand down, to those who are using their positions for evil means. We have a God-given duty to fight for equal rights and justice for all people. Therefore, We Don’t Stand Down!

Because of who we are, we pursue supernatural powers through God who is our defense. And with our prayers we won’t be defeated!

The Call to Battle!

It is time to begin a spiritual battle against the evil that has come upon our land. That battle should begin now!  Let’s arm ourselves with prayer and embrace each other. Let’s pursue the supernatural means of God and his Angels who are his army of warriors; to give us the victory over all of the evil acts that are loosed upon this land international.

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