A Soft Answer Turns Away Wrath

Ellen J. Barrier
/Author/Spirituality Counselor

“A soft answer turns away wrath.”  ~King Solomon

 Anger blocks the senses of reason and reasoning. It clogs the pores of all sensible thoughts thereby, preventing the individual to use righteous judgment and make the right decisions. Many lives have been taken and many people have been injured because of anger.

Reason is a term that refers to the capacity human beings have to make sense of things, to establish and verify facts, and to change or justify practices.
Inductive reasoning also known as induction or inductive logic is a kind of reasoning that constructs or evaluates propositions that are abstractions of observations of individual instances of members of the same class.


Make no friendship with an angry man, and with a furious man thou shalt not go: lest thou learn his ways and get a snare to thy soul.
Proverbs 22: 24, 25 

It is wise to direct your anger towards problems - not people; to focus your energies on answers - not excuses.
~ William Ward
___ Ellen J. Barrier
"How To Trust God When All Other Resources Have Failed" Rating: *****
ISBN: 978-0-9794043-0-6
Copyright© 1994
Author: George C. Barrier Sr., & Ellen J. Barrier

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