Don’t Be Afraid To Go With the Angels

As we travel upon our path in life, there are two spiritual forces that we must choose from; good and bad. We make a decision to choose either of the two. To determine the right course to follow we measure the quality of life, based on advantages and disadvantages. Where our path leads us to in life is up to us to decide. 

I observed four teenagers as they traveled on a street; two were in front and the others remained in back, but kept at a short distant, yet, all four of them appeared to be in conversation among themselves. Soon a traveler on a bike passed by and said “Hello” to the teenagers in a friendly manner, as he rode passed them. In response, one of the teenagers picked up a large rock and threw it at the traveler, coming short of hitting the back wheel of the bike. The other teenager followed in the same manner, throwing a rock at the bicyclist. I cannot confirm where his rock landed

The two teenagers who were misbehaving decided to enter the next street  that the two teenagers ahead of them had taken, and sit in the middle of the street stopping the flow of traffic, while placing their lives in harm’s way and interfering with the progress of others.

During this entire ordeal, the two teenagers in front, continued on their path never acknowledging what the others were doing behind them. They never once looked back.

When an object is used to intentionally cause harm to another individual, it is a disadvantage. There is nothing good to gain from such behavior. To place oneself in harm’s way is a disadvantage, it hinders progress . To choose to do bad rather than good is a disadvantage to both the individual who made such a choice and to others.

Bad behavior has a negative effect upon all involved, whether by choice or if drawn into a bad situation that was created by someone else.

The teenagers who ignored the others by choosing to do good, made a choice that was an advantage; they continued upon their path, making progress for success.

It might appear to be lots of fun to harm others, and to challenge them with fear and acts of violence, but every offense has a debt to be paid. Such behavior leads to more destruction on many different paths, each ending on a dead-end street; resulting in unhappiness and self-destruction.

Choose to do good and let it lead you, as you travel upon your path.  Along the way the angels will guide you to your destination. Don’t be afraid to go with the angels, God is with them.

Written by Ellen J. Barrier

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