A Weaker Generation

To become stronger than the things that weakens our character, and breed a generation of people filled with hate for others who disregards all human rights and dignity; committing violent acts against others while showing no remorse will only produce other generations of aggressiveness far more harmful to the human race than previous generations, we must become better people.

In this day and time disrespect for the rights of others, have become a worldwide problem.  Women rights to have their bodies respected are being violated by men who commit sexual assault and battery against them.

Violence in the home and elsewhere has become a problem that the human race must address and take positive steps to control.

Torture under any circumstance used against others is a form of bullying and is a violation of human rights. It is morally wrong to do such things to a defenseless person.
Saying mean spirited things about others are disrespectful.  It cheapens the person’s character that does such things. Such behavior leads to rumors that result in lies that become out-of- control - damage to the character of other people.

In order to become a stronger generation, we must work on our characteristic traits to become good role models in society.

Written by Ellen J. Barrier, author of The Price We Must Pay for Our Father’s Sins

Movie Website @ http://pricewemustpaymovie.wix.com/barriers#!home/mainPage

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